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LL2 revolves around a homage to Giacomo Agostini with the Ago Souvenir Jacket. Timeless icon jacket that represents Agostini off track is always a symbol of our brand.
The idea of the Logo is to experiment and bring items that belong to the street into motorsport. Using the Logo in a stronger way combined with easy fits allows a balance between heritage and innovation.
Once again we give importance to the Crown logo and in particular the crown logo on the front that comes from an original racing jacket of Agostini. We have added two new colors, black and yellow to our icon quilted bomber. To give even more importance to the items we choose special embroidery techniques. Totally made in Italy.
Logo Level 2 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Logo Level 2 Quilted Bomber

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Logo Level 2 Ago Souvenir Jacket
Logo Level 2 Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Logo Level 2 Crown Hoodie
Logo Level 2 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Logo Level 2 Quilted Bomber
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Logo Level 2 T-Shirt Extended Logo
Logo Level 2 Technical Tracksuit Pants
Logo Level 2 Velvet Pants
Logo Level 2 Wide Leg Sweatpants
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