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Take pieces of Harry Nuriev's concept 'The Garage' with you anywhere you go. Explore the product page to learn about the garments that include Crosby Studios' signature checkerboard pattern.
The Garage
The Garage by Harry Nuriev, founder and designer of Crosby Studios, is a continued investigation into overlooked, transitory spaces, which the designer considers to be metaphors for “traveling through different layers of space, reality, and consciousness” - a theme explored in much of his work, which often blend material, virtual and augmented realities. The Garage which was shown as an installation at ComplexCon showed the 3 apparel pieces, alongside an F3 and an AMO that are veiled in Crosby Studios signature gray- and-white checkerboard pattern.
The ready to wear garments come in 3 distinct syles; a bomber jacket, a t-shirt, and a long sleeve. They are available with international shipping.

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt By Crosby Studios & MV Agusta
Bomber Jacket By Crosby Studios & MV Agusta
T-shirt By Crosby Studios & MV Agusta