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City Pack: Schiranna

Introducing City Pack Schiranna - premium quality essentials designed by Danilo Paura. Schiranna is available exclusively at MV Agusta online store.
Among with it MV Agusta is launching 5 other versions of design, each dedicated to a specific city – Monza, Milano, Roma, London and Dubai. Each design has a print with geographical coordinates of the location, which is aimed to highlight our presence around the world and let our customers feel like a part of a global community. Available at the corresponding MV Agusta mono-brand dealerships.

Among the presented pieces are t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks, paddock pants, paddock bermuda and caps, all made with attention to every detail. Simple yet sophisticated garments are made for an everyday life to make you feel the most comfortable letting you be your truest self.

Campaign for City Pack was shot by Adam Katz Sinding featuring Lera Abova and Giacomo Agostini.

City Pack: Schiranna T-Shirt
City Pack: Schiranna T-Shirt

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City Pack: Schiranna T-Shirt
City Pack: Schiranna Hoodie
City Pack: Schiranna Cap
City Pack: Schiranna Sweatshirt
City Pack: Schiranna Paddock Pants
City Pack: Schiranna Paddock Bermuda Pants